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The Beach Hut Trust is a collaboration between public and private organisations in conjunction with the City of Cape Town to create a program to protect, preserve and promote Cape Town's most iconic structures. The Beach Huts.

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Started in 2020, the Beach Hut Trust was formed as a collaboration between private residents, local businesses and city representatives to establish a group to look after the Beach Huts in Muizenberg and surrounds that have been falling into disrepair for some time.

The trust aims to create social and economic opportunity for the local community through the Save Our Beach Hut campaign and restore and maintain these iconic structures for many years to come.

Help us to protect Cape Town's most iconic structures.

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We are partnering with local businesses to create merchandise inspired by Cape Town's most iconic structures. The Beach Huts.

We hope to inspire local traders and craftsmen to adopt the image and make it part of their work. The more it is used, the better the chances of saving them.

If you have or would like to create Beach Hut inspired products and list them on our shop, please get in touch with us.

Proceeds of the sale of these products go towards supporting the Save Our Beach Hut campaign.

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We are looking for partners who can help us to protect, preserve and promote the iconic image of the Beach Huts.

We require partners who can help us fund raise through collaborative projects, partners who can provide technical expertise for the repair and maintenance of the huts, and also partners who can help manage and promote the Beach Huts and the Save Our Beach Hut campaign.

Get in touch to find out how you could help protect Cape Town's most iconic structures.

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Well done and THANK YOU to Amazing Kitchens in Johannesburg for the R1000 donation and the challenge to all Cape Town Kitchen companies to equal or better! #saveourbeachhuts


πŸ’šβ€Super Supporters ClubπŸ’›πŸ’™

There are those that know, and then there are those that 'really know'.

We are offering people the opportunity to get behind the campaign by donating monthly to keep the Beach Hut dream alive.

Most ...people know that a successful campaign is built on sustained effort, and that sustained effort is required to ensure a sustainable future.

Consider becoming a Super Supporter to #saveourbeachhuts!


Thanks Whackhead (Darren) Simpson for the shout out for the Muizenberg Beach Huts this morning on Kfm 94.5.

So....If you are in the red hut with the green door and someone knocks on the door... it could be Darren!


If you need trade prices on building supplies or tools, visit Buildmate online now and help Save Our Beach Huts: https://buildmate.co.za

Buildmate are continuing to help restore Cape Town's heritage by contributing 1% of every sale during October.

And they deliver!!

... #saveourbeachhuts

Have you ever seen a more beautiful scarf? ... And thank you for you donation at our Save Our Beach Huts Telethon Truida.

We had a fantastic response to our Telethon at Blue Route Mall on Saturday. Thank you Checkers for the coffee cart and also to all who played a part in the success of the Telethon! Here are just a few of the photos taken on the day!


Nickay Aspire Centered ...Solutions 𝕋𝕙𝕖 π•ƒπ•šπ•Ÿπ•–π•Ÿπ•ƒπ•’π••π•ͺ- π•¨π•šπ•₯𝕙 π”Ήπ•π•’π•”π•œπ•Šπ•žπ•šπ•₯𝕙 π”Ύπ•£π•’π•‘π•™π•šπ•”π•€ Moondrops Flowers Oculusip, Mahala Monday Nova Office supplies, Blue Route Mall, Checkers

Telethon happening now. Call πŸ“ž +27212034040 to pledge your support and help #saveourbeachhuts

Save Our Beach Huts will be hosting our first major fundraising at Blue Route Mall this coming Saturday, 25th, in the form of a Telethon. We will be interviewing various celebrities who will, from 9am - 2pm be answering phones and raising awareness and money.
Call 021 203 4040 to pledge your ...contribution.

Phumba and Dr Badroodien will be at our Save Our Beach Huts Fundraising Telethon at Blue Route Mall between 9 -11 tomorrow, 25th September.


more reasons to

Global Reach

A global icon of our City.

Tourism Economy

The Beach Huts are an icon of our City and are regularly used in global marketing campaigns. These attract visitors to Cape Town and South Africa, fueling our tourism economy.

Job Creation

An opportunity for employment

Opportunity Creation

The Beach Huts represent an opportunity to create local employment. Repairs, maintenance, cleaning and management jobs that never existed before.

Social Impact

An opportunity for change

Socio-Economic Opportunity

The Beach Huts are not only an icon or image of our city, they are an opportunity for us to establish a global campaign, that can support local communities and local social projects to create opportunities.