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What is it?
The Beach Hut Trust

In September 2020 Angela Gorman asked a question on Facebook. "Can't something be done about the poor state of the Beach Huts in Muizenberg?". This set in motion the series of events culminating in the formation of a public trust. This trust has been formed to raise funds to repair, protect and promote Cape Town's most iconic structures.

The Beach Hut trust is finalising its mandate with the City of Cape Town to be the representative organisation responsible for managing and maintaining these city assets into the future.

The Beach Hut trust has an ambitious vision to paint the world RED, BLUE, YELLOW and GREEN. To elevate the status of the Beach Huts to their rightful place as one of South Africa's most iconic images. To create economic opportunity for those who need it through the development of Beach Hut related enterprises. And of course, to ultimately restore, repair and manage the huts to be safely used by all families in the future.

Our plan is outlined below and will be executed in 4 Phases.

Phase 1
Awareness Campaign

The Beach Hut Trust is raising funds through the #SaveOurBeachHuts campaign to restore and then maintain the huts.

During this campaign we are engaging with the City of Cape Town to create an the official beach hut organisation that will be mandated to manage the Beach Hut infrastructure of Cape Town.

We are also engaging with strategic partners who can help us through financial contributions, collaboration opportunities and technical resources to achieve our mission.

If you want to find out more, please get in touch with us to see how we can work together to Save Our Beach Huts.

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Phase 2

The first beach hut repair was completed on the 16 November 2020. This repair was done to showcase the workmanship and use of modern materials for approval and comment by City officials.

A formal agreement has been reached with the City and the Trust is now ready to embark on an extensive repair phase.

The repair campaign will be tackled in 3 stages. The first stage being the first bank of 21 structures on the eastern side of Muizenberg Beach, the second stage being the remaining 16 structures on near the river mouth, the final stage are the 8 structures on the Muizenberg main beach.

Phase 3

A formal maintenance plan is being drawn up with partners that will keep the Beach Huts in pristine condition

The trust will host fund raising events and programs through out the year in order to raise the necessary funds.

These funds will be used to employ full time maintenance and cleaning staff creating much needed jobs in the area.

Phase 4

Our vision is to restore the Beach Huts so that they can be safely used by the public once again.

A management team will be put in place to assist beach goers with booking their beach huts and will ensure that they are safe, clean and well maintained at all times.

The management team will be responsible for conducting fund raising activities to repair, protect and promote the Beach Huts.

If you would like to enquire about our management plans for the beach huts please feel free to contact us.

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Meet the team

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The Beach Hut Trust is a close collaboration between local residents, private companies and city representatives.

Meet the Founder
Angela Gorman

Angela Gorman is a local photographer and campaign activist. In September 2020, She felt the Beach Huts of Muizenberg were in desperate need of repair and decided to take matters into her own hands. The power house behind the Beach Hut team, Angela is the driving force that keeps things moving forward.

operations support
Daniel Blaauw

Daniel is a local business owner and tourism entrepreneur operating in Muizenberg. After returning to South Africa in 2016, Daniel has been actively working to promote tourism and uplift businesses in the South Peninsula of Cape Town. Daniel brings a wealth of experience in business development to the Beach Hut team.

fund raising
Charles Maisel

Charles is a social entrepreneur who is actively involved in creating enterprises that uplift and benefit communities around Cape Town. A board member of many foundations, Charles brings his experience and network to the Beach Hut team.