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Protecting Cape Town's most iconic structures.

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We are planning to create something exceptional out of the Beach Huts and need your support.

We are not aiming to just save some structures on the beach. We are striving to create opportunities for employment, socio-economic upliftment while preserving an aspect of our iconic presence within the global marketplace.

We are growing and developing, new ways to contribute will be posted as they become available.

In the meantime please consider getting involved through one of our programs below:

Commit to our Funding Needs

Commit to our Material Needs

Corporate Commitment Option

commit to our
Funding Needs

Our objective is to create employment and socio-economic upliftment through the Beach Huts.

To achieve this we have setup a crowd funding page through back-a-buddy.

Funds will be used to repair & restor the beach huts and eventually the formation of a Beach Hut management program.

Repair Cost
R 0,000 per Hut
Annual Maintenance Cost
R 0,000 per Hut
Total Funding Needs (Repairs)
R 0
Annual Needs (Maintenance)
R 0,000
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Commit to Our
Material Needs

We require construction materials for the beach hut repair work and ongoing maintenance. IF you are able to assist with the materials, this would be greatly appreciated.

Please contact us and let us know what you are capable of supplying so that we can add you to our donors list.

Wood and Timber

Paint and Painting Consumables

Construction Materials and Consumables

Tea, Coffee, Cool-drinks and Snacks for the crews

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"Lighting the path for others, illuminates your own path also."

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Corporates and Groups

Corporates and Groups are able to be get involved by committing to a full hut refurbishment that will be done on their behalf.

Conduct your own fund raising campaigns and get involved with the Beach Hut Trust in creating employment and uplifting the local community.

This is a great opportunity for groups to come together and make a difference while building their teams and doing some good.

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Helping to Save our beach huts
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