Win with Cliffy Brown and Save Our Beach Huts

Cliffy Brown is helping to “Save Our Beach Huts”

Stand a chance to win an original Cliffy Brown print while saving the Cape’s iconic beach huts.

Acclaimed South African artist Cliffy Brown has put his support behind the Save Our Beach Huts campaign by creating a painting depicting a row of the iconic structures on Muizenberg beach. A series of 10 limited and numbered prints of the original artwork are to be raffled with proceeds going to the campaign.

‘As a youngster I would hitch hike to Cape Town and invariably made my way to Muizenberg for a surf,’ says Cliffy. ‘It was during this phase of my life that I became aware of, and used, the beach huts to change. When I returned to settle in the Mother City four years ago, I saw the appalling state of most of the beach huts and when the local initiative was started, I was happy to lend a hand.’

‘The original painting is 2 500mm x 1 500mm. The prints to be raffled, are 1 200mm x 600mm and will be manipulated so that each is slightly different, and they will be numbered, signed, and provided with an authentication certificate. In fact, each one will be a form of an original in its own right,’ adds Cliffy.

The wooden multi-coloured beach huts dotted along the Muizenberg and St James’ beach have become some of, if not, the most recognisable man-made structures in the country. Frequently used in movies and commercials to promote almost anything, the beach huts have sadly fallen into disrepair. With three at St James torched to the ground during the Covid-19 lockdown.

‘The Save Our Beach Huts campaign is an initiative to refurbish, preserve and promote the beach huts and return them to their original splendour,’ says Beach Trust chairperson Angela Gorman. ‘And in so doing, the campaign will provide work opportunities during the refurbishment phase, more permanent jobs thereafter for their ongoing management and maintenance. It is also envisaged that the campaign will provide opportunities for crafters producing souvenirs aligned to the campaign.’

Cliffy is not your run-of-the-mill atypical artist. He was a serious rugby player in his youth, representing the former Natal, Northern Transvaal, and was a Junior Springbok. He went on to play rugby league in the United Kingdom as well as a gridiron stint with the New Orleans Saints in the United States.

He started his early artistic career as an illustrator and designer before moving across to the fine arts in painting and sculpture about 10 years ago. His research for ideas and inspiration led him to the Cosmos and, in its minutest part, the atom. Cliffy’s work reflects the wonder behind our reality and what lies beneath our observable universe.

The original painting will be on raffle soon,’ says Angela. ‘In the meantime, the original prints are an ideal way to secure art from one of the country’s finest while also showing your support to preserve and protect these icon structures.

To purchase tickets and to find more ways to help, simply go to and select the support us page. Tickets are R100 each, but the more you buy the cheaper they get. In addition, you can also join the Beach Hut Supporters Club for a R100 subscription. All proceeds raised go towards the protection, preservation and promotion of the beach huts.

For information about the Save Our Beach Huts campaign: Angela Gorman 079 504 1933 or

For information on art for sale or private commissions: Cliffy Brown 081 827 1658  or Facebook: cliffybrown