Pro-surfer partners to #SaveOurBeachHuts

We are incredibly proud to partner with local pro-surfer Danielle Powis. As Beach Hut ambassador, Danielle will help us to preserve, protect and promote the legacy of our historical huts.

Danielle will participate this year with the Surfing Team SA in the 2023 International Surfing Association World Surfing Games. She shares more about her dream as a Pro-surfer and why she loves the Beach Huts. 

  • When did your love for surfing start? It was when I was 10, after catching my first wave at Muizenberg beach. I stood up on my first wave and felt great excitement but terrible ankle pain. When I looked down, a bluebottle had wrapped around me, and I was rushed to the hospital. I was desperate to get back into the water. Surfing was one of the only things as reminder of my father, who passed away when I was only 4. He was a huge ocean lover (even though he couldn’t swim). My mom shared how he used to dunk me in the ocean at two days old, as he knew that was where I belonged.
  • When did you turn Pro? I turned Pro in 2022 but only officially acknowledged myself as a Pro, this year. 
  • Where is your favourite place to surf, or where have you had your best wave? My favourite place to surf is Victoria Bay on the East Coast. Warm water, lovely right point break with a super fun beach break and the best campsite in the world!
  • What are the highlights of your surfing career? Definitely when I represented South Africa at the ISA World Surfing Games in California. Also when I received the award for the Wildcard spot in the Ballito Pro Challenger Series in 2022.
  • Why partner with the Beach Huts? I am honoured to partner with the Beach Hut Trust. Muizenberg is where my surfing career began and the huts hold so many special childhood memories.

I look forward to helping preserve, protect and promote the iconic huts for more families to enjoy.

Danielle Powis

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